This contract contains the conditions to which any person who enters the facilities of this hotel and its variants must be subject.

  1. We inform you that it is mandatory to present the following documentation at reception to check-in:
    to. Official identity document.
    b. Digital or printed document of reservation confirmation.
    c. In the event that you do not present the aforementioned documentation at reception, the hotel will not be able to answer for any error related to the reservation, be it the rate, number of people and/or contracted services and may ask you to make the payment of the reservation at the hotel.
    d. Check-in (arrival time) can be done at 15:00 and Check-out (departure time) at 12:00.
  2. The hotel will try to fulfill the special wishes of the clients, according to availability and possibilities. For more information contact the hotel.
  3. The reservation prices include taxes.
  4. All reservations can be canceled 24 hours prior to arrival without charge; Cancellations after 24 hours will incur a no-show charge for the first night. Non-guaranteed rooms expire at 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and the hotel may dispose of them.
  5. Minors are not allowed to enter alone, all minors must be accompanied by an adult, minors are the responsibility of their parents or the person who comes with them, so we are not responsible for any accident that occurs on the premises.
  6. The guest will be responsible for the damages caused to the facilities in general, this includes the parking lot, whether due to misuse, recklessness or intentionally, for the amount that the hotel's administrative staff deems.
  7. If the damage is committed by a minor, he will be responsible for the damage to his parents or the adult who comes with him.
  8. It is not responsible for objects not deposited at reception, nor for blows in the parking lot to cars.
  9. Inside the rooms, smoking, noise, slamming doors, blows or sound devices at excessive volume are prohibited. If these cases occur, the administration will proceed to evict the person responsible for breaking in with the peace of mind of the other guests, without this action represents the obligation of the reimbursement paid for the room.
  10. Please notify reception if your room presents any anomaly or damage.
  11. The guest must answer for the missing items in the room or that present some damage that makes it impossible to use them.